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From the Movie “Children of Men”

The Mystic: Blog

Every now and then a Mystic steps into the midst of humanity. We know them as JesusBuddha Mohammed and so on and it is because of these Mystics that our life radically changes. How many people have killed or taken their own lives merely based on the words of these individuals?

While I myself am no mystic my intention is to create a blog that sees further than the average human. If we are a Generation of Mutes, this blog intends to speak loud and clear. It intends to not “sugar coat” the truth or at least the version of the truth it is seeing in “that” specific moment.

While the “Truth” might be objective and absolute, it is our perception of that truth that creates our opinion. Although this blog does not claim to know the “whole truth” it will be analyzing certain aspects of thus said truth in order to question it, to decipher it and ultimately take one step closer to this “absolute truth”

These are merely my thoughts, my opinions and my research. I encourage anyone to correct me or to bring their thoughts to the table. After all, if we are in search of the truth, we need to be open to being proven wrong.

If perception is subjective…then everyone’s wrong!

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