Jeandre Gerber, Blog, Free Reading BooksWe all have that special project lodged deep into our souls we always “want to do” but never get time to actually do it. Whether it’s writing a book, creating a painting, a business, a trip or whatever puts a smile on your face, big results are ever eluded. This past December I asked myself the question, “What is the one thing I would like to do that will make me happy?” There are so many of us that are stuck in dead-end jobs or doing activities that do not add value to our lives, but we do them in order to pay the bills and keep our lives afloat.

However, while we “desire” other things in life…we almost always push our desires all the way to the back of our to do lists as it isn’t an “essential” for the time being. As a result, we end up wasting months or even years and never get around to manifesting our dream job and continue to be “not-as-happy” as we could be. Today, I aim to change that for you all.

Make your “least essential” actions your priority!

For me, my goal for life is to be able to sustain my living through the content I create. While I am a professional content creator, most of my efforts are being spent on the work of my clients and my own personal projects typically are sent to the back of the “to do” line. Why does this happen?

It’s quite simple really. While I know that my true heart’s desires will be met the moment I can sell enough books per month to replace my day job, it isn’t an “essential” for me to do in order to pay the bills and so forth. In other words, while my heart’s desires will come true by working on my books every day, my current situation demands that I spend my time on other people’s projects in order to sustain my lifestyle.

I can’t simply give up selling my services to others because if I do, I lose my income and will eventually be homeless. I guess that’s why they call them “starving artists”. I for one, do not want to be starving. So, I made a promise to myself that I will work on my books and other creative endeavors at the end of my day…every day!

Breaking personal promises

Jeandre Gerber, Free Reading Books, Big ResultsWhile I had the right intention all along, my approach was faulty. By leaving these “non-essential” tasks for the end of my day…I usually started working on them when I was tired, my creativity depleted and with no desire to keep on doing boring work like editing a book. In turn, I easily said “tomorrow” and as we know…tomorrow never comes! We only have today to do the things that will inch us closer to our desired realities. We only have today to work on our big results!

That’s why lately I changed my approach with a slight tweak and so far it has been working out great. Instead of me working on my “non essential” projects at the end of the day, I made it become the first action I take every single day. So before I start working on the projects of my clients…I will first work on my own.

I’m giving myself an hour a day to advance my personal cause and I have seen a dramatic spike in productivity since I started. I believe all of us who find ourselves in the struggle to make our dreams come true can learn from this. Instead of pushing your personal projects to the back of the “to do” line, make it your priority. Sure, it’s a non-essential, however…if your dream/goal is realized…it will become your essential act.

For instance, if you were to sell a painting for $10,000 dollars…wouldn’t that completely change your life? However, if you never complete the painting…it won’t screw your life in general as you’d still be taking care of your revenue streams to sustain your living. Thereby it isn’t an “essential” in nature, but if completed and sold…could completely redefine the way you approach life. The same goes for books, music and even your own business.

Build your Opportunity for BIG RESULTS!

For me, writing is entrenched in my genes. I know that the moment I can sustain my life on my writing alone, I would never have to work another day in my life. Therefore, my non-essential task of writing books/editing it and marketing them have now become the first action I do every day. I have more creativity in the morning, I can write faster and advance my cause much quicker. This is the lesson I’d like to instill in your mind. Stop making excuses for yourself, stop making YOU a non-priority. Think about the potential rewards of what can happen if you manage to make your dreams come true. Imagine your happiness and satisfaction. Isn’t that worth it? Don’t you want to see Big Results in your life?

I encourage you all to make YOU the priority of your life…work on your inner dreams and make it a priority to advance at least 1% each week on your goals. If you do this consistently, you’ll be 52% closer to achieving your goal after one year. That’s how big results are made!


I hope this blog finds you well and gives you a new strategy to getting your goals accomplished and living the life you have always dreamed about. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch with me either through my social media accounts or directly through my website.


Until Next Time! Keep on fighting the good fight…the fight to live the life of your dreams! Achieve Big Results in your life today!


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