Script Writing, Content Ninja, Killer Marketing Scripts, Content Provider, Jeandre GerberThe life of a Content Ninja, yep that’s what my clients call me, can get quite busy. Over the past week I received a massive content project from Wheaton Scientific Supplies where I had to write on a wide variety of scientific equipment. To be honest, I have no clue on how I managed to write over 4000 words on CELLine Flasks but somehow I managed to complete the gargantuan project in less than a week!

Finishing projects like these provide a great sense of satisfaction due to the sheer volume and the nature of the content.

How do you write about crap like that?

Sometimes you have to write content that doesn’t have a lot of source material. By this I mean that there isn’t much to say about it really. You can only say so much about “Bathroom towels” before the content becomes redundant.

In this case you will want to focus on “Related subject matter” to help fill the gaps. Taking the Bathroom towel example, you’ll want to think about aesthetics, functionality and even go that extra mile and talk about the existential analyzes of what your “Bathroom towels say about you”.

When I had to write 10 pages on Science tools I had very little information on, I submerged myself within all related content, explored common problems of the target demographic and then simply stared at the screen until something resembling an idea spilled out of my brain and onto the screen.

It doesn’t matter what topic you give me, I can find some interesting angle to talk about.

Advice to take to the Bank! 

There is one piece of wisdom I learned many moons ago that has helped me create content like a beast. It takes time to master both aspects of the saying but once you understand how to use it effectively, you can rock your content pieces and people will eat it up as if it was the last Twinkie on earth.

So here it goes, advice from my father’s lips to your ears…or eyes in this case…

If you can’t Dazzle them with Brilliance, Baffle them with Bullshit!

The art of bullshitting with flare takes time to master, but any good writer should have it deeply embedded into their DNA. The trick is to understand perspective and how other people interpret information. If they conclude that you’re amazing…you’re AMAZING!

Obviously you should always strive to be brilliant. That’s why I submerge myself in research and try to understand the content material, the target demographic and assume the voice of the brand. But every now and then…well you know.

Just remember, you can never bullshit a bullshitter!

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