bigstock-Concept-for-procrastination-an-51568768How much life do we really have? A lot of times we think we have ‘years ahead of us’ almost thinking we are immortal when it comes to everyday dangers. There are so many random ways that our lives could end from falling from a roof to an infected tooth. The point is that we cannot live our lives ‘thinking we have’ plenty of time left. The reality of the situation is that our ‘light bulb’ which is our lives, can fuse at any moment.

So what does this mean?

For me, at least, it means that I need to live in the present much more. So many times I would easily do something ‘mindless’ or ‘worthless’ in regards to the fact that it adds no value to my life. This could be anything from avoiding a personal project or simply procrastinating like the best of them. And the main reason I do this is because I ‘Think’ I have time. You have to understand that when you work from your home office, procrastination is your biggest problem, especially when it comes to doing something that you won’t get paid for.


In the beginning of this year I set out a few goals. Now, we’re almost to the middle of the year and I am happy to confess that I have achieved a lot of what I set out to do. I have slacked in a few areas, mainly finishing my books, but I have learned a lot more. I am closer to achieving my goals than I thought and as I achieve more things, I become more motivated.

For me, a long time ago, I said: All I want to do before I die is as many things as I could.

I will finish my new book within this month and then comes the entire, editing, getting reviewed and marketing aspect but once I finish this book I will be 1/3rd of the way to completing my Book goal.

I’ll keep you guys, my unnamed followers, posted on the new things. I promise to be much active from now on. I’ve been busy…but busy is good!


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