honesty, Jeandre Gerber, 7dayfastHey Folks,

Finally got some time to write about my fasting experience yesterday. Most of my cravings are gone and I have managed to do some phenomenal work on my Digital Product which I entitled: “The KCC Method – Instantly become a Thought Leader in Any Niche”.

I will now start with the next part of the product and will record it, do all the website work needed and get it on affiliate programs.

Personally I find that this product will help a lot of people drastically increase the quality of their web content as I dug deep and brought out all my content creation knowledge I have accumulated over the past seven years.

I won’t go into much more detail right now as I am still working on it. I’ll let you know when I’m finished.

Personal Discovery 

On a personal note, I have understood a lot of what makes me tick. Things that is brought from your childhood into your adult life. I think we all need a bit of reflection to identify these issues otherwise we continue to repeat them till the day we die.

You can only change your life when you are aware of the issues that anchor you to your past. I believe fasting allows you to open your mind and soul and gives you the opportunity to peek inside.

I will continue to reflect on these changes and will implement them in my life to achieve a fuller sense of enjoyment out of everything I do.

It’s not easy to face yourself, but as you continue on your journey, self discovery is really what it’s all about.

Be Honest with yourself first, then you will be able to give a more authentic effort in loving others.

I encourage people to take this journey, even if it’s just for a day to focus on what really matters, to cut out the bullshit in ones life.

For me only 2 more days are left and I feel good thus far.

Be honest with yourself and explore the furthest regions of your own existence.

For now that’s it.


Happy  Soul Traveling


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