Hi Folks,

Recently it dawned on me that my Facebook news feed was cluttered with a bunch of things that are of absolutely no interest to me. This is due to the 1200 people I have in my network. To my surprise I actually know a bunch of them, but there are plenty of those “Facebook Friends” that are cyber-strangers to me…or I have forgotten who they are and that is essentially the same thing.

Thus, I have devised a new plan that I’ll be conducting over the next few months to “Purge my Facebook Newsfeed”.

Now, Facebook’s algorithm brings me information that is “relevant” to my like and participation history…allegedly. Nobody really knows how it works but it’s along those lines.

In order to ‘Beef Up’ my content I’m going to Purge my feed by unfriending/unliking pages and people who do not meet my standards of Quality Content.

Here’s what I’ll be looking for to Purge.

1. People with less than 10 Friends in Common and I don’t know who they are

The first group of people that will feel the virtual ax are those who somehow managed to become my FB friend yet I have no idea who they are. Sometimes you can have a friend with “few friends in common” and if you actually know the person…keep them. If not, they need to provide some stellar posts for me to keep them on my list. If  they don’t meet the requirements….SEE YA!

2. Crappy Content Posts

Even if it’s someone I actually know, if your content blows…you’ll have to go. I don’t need to fill my mind or news feed with content that doesn’t deliver any value to my life. People who are obsess about one particular theme or that are so closed minded that their posts piss me off…I’ll happily click the unfriend button.

3. People I simply don’t know

Gone! Unless they got some interesting things to say…I judge these people purely on content quality or whether they are doing something within my fields of interests.


For those who want to be upfront with their purge I leave you this image below which you can post on their wall moments before you hit the unfriend button.

Jeandre Gerber, Peace, Facebook Purge, News Feed Purge, Newsfeedpurge, FB


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