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A true expression of creative talent, Jeandre has dabbled in all art forms from literature, music to visual works.
Apart from offering his services to brands of all sizes, Jeandre continues to create new creative which he posts frequently on this site.
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I write about a wide variety of topics including my works, social issues, ideas, fiction stories and much more. 

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Explore all of my published works right here. I have been writing for over twenty years and currently have five books published. I'm working on many more projects and continually update this section. Feel free to access my Freebies as well where you can download samples or full books for free! 

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I've been playing music since I was eight years old and since then have continued to refine my musical skills. Composing and Producing songs is what I love to do and mostof music is absolutely free to download. Every now and then I create albums which can be purchased, however for the most part you can download them freely! 

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