RESTORE_000014185704ResizedHi Folks,

I am now on Day 3 of my #7dayfast. I didn’t have time to write about my experiences yesterday so I will be adding in 2 blogs today.

Yesterday my cravings diminished except for a few sporadic moments. Nothing my willpower and Yerba Mate couldn’t fix.


What was most Significant of Day 2?

Yesterday I managed to create the full outline of my Digital Product. Once I reached the point of writing it out, it just flowed like a mighty river. I am confident the quality of the product will be superb and I’m really giving away some Serious Secrets to Killer Content creation.

I’m still working on the title and today I will begin filling in the ‘Meat” of the product. I’m very happy with the progress and am feeling the powerful effects of fasting.

Why Fasting Works?

What happens when you fast is that you remove all distractions, all pleasure substances (in this particular fast) which allows you to focus deep within your soul. I achieved more in a few hours than I did in a week when working on the Digital Product and I must confess, it’s something I will be doing at least two or three times a year (fasting that is)

I forgot how powerful this technique really is.

My Tobacco addiction is almost completely broken but what I am starting to feel is my coffee addiction acting up. You must remember that I have been drinking coffee for 29 and a half years. I’m thirty!

Yes, since a baby I’ve been drinking the sweet sweet Java. To give up my coffee is like giving up a major part of myself. But in doing so I have changed something significant in my life and as I mentioned yesterday in Day 1: If you want Great Change you need to Take Drastic Measures….and this is what I did.

Anyhow, I’m going strong and will update what happened today at night.


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Happy Traveling!

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