Alfred the One Eyed Shibby!So I have been busy as I always am doing the things I always do and so I haven’t posted here for a while. Luckily I have some news!

On my 30th Birthday, yes that happened, I was given something that opened a craft I have been neglecting for the past 10 years or so; drawing!

My wife gave me a Wacom Tablet and since then I have been just doodling things here and there but one of my greatest come backs must be the Shibbies.

I posted one picture I doodled in about five minutes and it had a decent response. People asked me to make more so I decided to create “A World Of Shibbies” which will go live within a month or so.

Right now I’m just working on some stock images and so forth to officially start the page/concept but for the few of you who actually follows my blog…here’s a sneak preview.


Below I have placed a banner that sheds a bit more light on how the Shibbies actually looks like.



Until Next Time:

Shibbies Banner


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