Over the past few weeks I have been seeing a lot of disturbing posts about “bombing those Terrorist Scum” and how “God” is apparently protecting Israel’s children (Because they are the “chosen” people of God). Most of these posts come from very verbal so called “religious people” who claim to be loving children of God themselves.

What I find so atrocious about these posts is that they claim to be ambassadors of “love and redemption” but celebrate “war and death”. They justify slaughtering people with religious favoritism.


“Those people who believe differently than me must be killed because ‘I think’ they want to kill me because of their belief”. 

They want to “save” some of them for the Lord but have no problem seeing “others” burn in a fiery frenzy of death! It’s okay to have beliefs, it’s okay to dedicate your life to a faith. But when you can praise death, destruction and warfare in the name of your God…you have got to re-check your beliefs.

To quote one of my own songs: I AM THE WAVE

“I don’t believe in Magic things, or that through War, peace we’ll bring.
Not by your sword, not by your might, put down your guns and end this fighting” 

If we want a better future that works for everyone, we need to be humble enough to accept our differences and learn to love that which we do not understand…

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