Jeandre Gerber, Malinalco, Music, Show, Performance

Jeandre Gerber, Malinalco, Music, Show, PerformanceFor some people, there is a constant battle between being “creative” and balancing the rest of your life. This “creative struggle” is something that many talented people face everyday, people who have the desire to do art and express the ideas that are bouncing around in their heads through artistic means.

Yet “art” doesn’t pay the bills for most artists; they are forced to let their art take backseat in their lives, secretly hoping it was the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they hate their lives or anything of the sort, but they constantly feel this void in their day-to-day activities. Their desire for artistic expression is an ever present whisper lingering in the back of their heads.

Taking the Long Way

When I started with music and writing at a young age, it was all about the “art”. I didn’t care if people read or heard my stuff, as long as I was creating…I was happy. Fast forward a few years and things like “bills” and “responsibilities” are ever looming over your shoulder.

As opposed to the mainstream human, I didn’t chase “security” first…I went balls deep into artistic expression firmly believing it would sustain me. Unfortunately, after about 15 years of hitting it at every scene imaginable, the “effort” to obtain financial security through art simply became “too much” and with debt piling up, I turned to writing as my source of income as opposed to music.

I let my music hit the back burner for a while in order to find a means to support myself and grow. The main reason I didn’t “make it” as a musician wasn’t because of the lack of talent or trying, but the lack of resources. Nobody ever tells you that chasing your dreams can be quite pricey.

Nonetheless, I started making some good money from my writing and invested in some basic gear. I decided to pursuit my music ambitions under the guise of a “hobby” rather than a “source of income”.

It took me a few years of dedicating some serious time to my new found profession but I eventually managed to build up a decent portfolio of clients that is now allowing me to kick-start my music expression.

Rekindling the Fire

I decided that the best starting point would be to simply record all my music on video, sort of like an online archives of sorts. At the same time, it allows me to “step up on the stage” without even really leaving your house. The thing about loading up videos about your own art takes guts. People can openly critize your work in real time…and that can be scary.

However, since I am a “stage veteran” and have performed for nearly two decades, I can stomach the pressure. Besides, it’s a hobby of mine, not my main source of income.

I have managed to place myself in a good position to work and perfect my crafts while not starving in the process.

Unexpected Shows

Just as I started to load up my first videos, a friend of mine from way back in the days organized a little gig in this artistic restaurant in Malinalgo, Mexico. It’s a beautiful little town with history splattered all over the place. Nonetheless, we jammed and had a good time…I even got paid for it with both food and money. So all in all, the rekindling of the old fires seem to be a step in the right direction.

The point here people, is that no matter how much you desire to to something, only by actually doing it will you ever come closer to making that desire a reality. If you want to paint, play music, sing or whatever it is you secretly desire…simply do it!

Be a side-line artist while you do the hustle of every day life…there is great joy in simply doing…and if you get paid in the process…it’s all just extra benefits!


Until Next time!

Enjoy some of the Videos I’m starting to uploading…


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