Content Ninja Jeandre GerberMy handle “The Content Ninja” was given to me by a past employer who deemed my work “deadly accurate” in terms of conversions and delivery. As of now I have written close to 10,000 unique articles for several niches in my 5 years of online writing experience. Throughout my online career I have worked with many top notch companies and handled high profile clients including; TAG Strategic, iNexxus, Marijuana Doctors , YoutubeNetworks and more.

My clients are always satisfied with my work as you can see by the comments I received on my numerous Freelancer Profiles;

“Fast delivery, SUPER PROFESSIONAL, didn’t even need to rewrite.. just perfect!
will hire again for sure, thank you very much!” –  oDesk

“This is the kind of relationship I wish I had with all my contractors. A reliable, trustworthy (not to mentioned highly skilled) and dedicated writer. Recommend to anyone.” –  oDesk

“We have worked with Jeandre for a while now and he has delivered large projects on time and to the provided brief. Would definitely recommend”PeoplePerHour

“Jeandre’s work was completed on schedule and it was accurate. Jeandre is a pleasure to work with.” – Guru

“Super creative writer that will take your project to heart, as if it was his own! And will continue improving it on time until its perfect, and then do make it better! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Freelancer

As you can see my customers absolutely love the work I do and it is my intention to provide you with the same level of professionalism and dedication as I have provided to my clients in the past. Below I have posted some of my “Pre-Made Service Packages” for anyone who is interested in acquiring my highly effective and lethal services.


images (2)“Sniper Article Writing”

A Sniper article can range anywhere from 350-500 words depending on your specific needs. The article itself will have;

  • Optimal Key Word density in order to not be considered as Spam
  • Psychological anchors embedded throughout the text stimulating higher conversion rates (NLP)
  • Thorough understanding of target demographic to “speak their language”
  • superb hyper linking fused with NLP technique increasing the value of hyperlinks

If you need the best in terms of quality, then this is the package for you. Each article comes down to $15 USD up to 500 words while bulk rates are negotiable. ($25)

images (3)“Lethal Landing Page”

A landing page that is optimally designed can generate vast sums of money for any business. Whether you want to increase Search Traffic, promote a specific service or product, the Content Ninja has the ability to take your landing page to the next level.

  • Each of these landing pages will be between 3000-4000 words long and will have a blanket SEO strategy implemented with optimized hyperlinking
  • Custom graphic designs
  • Color psychology
  • Eye movement analysis and more.

Make your next landing page a “Lethal Landing Page” by acquiring the services of a professional such as the Content Ninja. ($250/page) Bulk negotiations available.

Social Media November 2012“Social Media Beast”

Social media has become a very important part of any business. In fact, Google has placed much higher importance on social media and added it into their top secret search algorithm. By creating a vast social media network you will not only obtain the search benefits, but would have access to a consumer base that is in love with your product. The Social Media Beast package will include;

  • Weekly or Monthly Feeds up to 3 Social Media Platforms
  • 90-180 Posts depending on your brand and the amount of fans
  • Brand Engagement and Social Community Management
  • Real time Feedback
  • Earned Media
  • Using your own material to create brand awareness
  • Customer Service
  • Weekly or Bi-monthly reports

You can implement this service either at a weekly charge of $150 and a monthly charge of $600. This will also include helping with hype campaigns and advice on campaign strategies, note however that any prizes used will not be covered with the monthly amount. If you want an engaged highly converting community, then this is definitely the package for you! ($150/Week) ($600/Month) (NOTE: The 3 social media platforms of your choice has to pertain to one concept/business. If you own multiple concepts/businesses you can add them into this package at a rate of $75/week per additional concept/business)

images (4)Masterful Marketing Scripts / Expert Explainer Scripts”

If you cannot capture the attention of your potential customers within the first 3 seconds of a video, you essentially have lost that person. Jeandre has written hundreds of marketing campaigns for YoutubeNetworks and has written for top notch brands such as Sony and Corona. This highly engaging 1-2 minute script is what you need to outline the specific features about your business or brand that makes you stand out from the crowd. The package includes;

  • Marketing Script Delivered in AV format
  • Google Image Story Board
  • Research on the Demographic and Product
  • 3 Rewrites included

Price: $35/30 seconds (Bulk video rates negotiable) ($115/2 mins) You could opt in for my special deal which will give you a $15 discount if you act now. Just Click here and Purchase the Hourly Now!


images (5)Exceptional E-Book Creation”

E-Books are excellent tools for generating email signups, social media likes, branding your website and much more. The Content Ninja has personally written more than 60 e-books and e-courses for a wide array of clients in different niches. Your e-book is the voice of your company and if done correctly can increase conversions to your website/brand. $25/ Page and includes unlimited revisions. I can also offer you a custom deal depending on your budget.


“General Grand-Master Writing:”

Do you need a  screenplay written? Do you need to capture on paper that idea bouncing in your head? Want to write a book? Press Release? Product Descriptions? Jeandre Gerber is highly versatile in all mediums of writing and is able to take your project and make it come to life. If you want to write a book or work on any project where Jeandre’s unique abilities may be utilized, get in touch with him today! His average go price for any of these above mentioned projects comes down to $15 USD per page. Bulk Rates are Negotiable!

Past Work: Portolio

Talk is cheap and therefore I have gone and listed some of my past work for your convenience. Some of the links you can click and download the sample absolutely Free. You can get in contact with me many ways either through my Freelancer Profiles or here. I’m always ready to take on new clients and prove to them that their idea or project in the right hands, can be very profitable!

Below you can see some of the Videos from the Scripts I have written for previous clients

Infamous Web Design

Youtube Networks





PROGHOSTS (My Company)


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, doubts and clarifications you need. You can contact me directly through this website or you could find me on any of the Freelancing Platforms I provided above.

Know that with the Content Ninja on your project, Quality and “out-of-the-box” thinking is what you’ll obtain. I’m fast and create deadly addictive content for your brand. Obtain my Services right now!

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