Jeandre Gerber, Seven Day FastHi Folks,

To abstain from the things you like serves multiple purposes, whether for personal discovery or religious observations. While I first learned about fasting within a religious setting, I have long left all paradigm of religion in the past.

Yet through fasting I discovered a lot about myself and continue to do so every now and then. I haven’t fasted for a while to be honest, but seeing that we’re at the beginning of a new year and that I have plenty of personal projects lined up, I thought it would be a great time to do some serious deep “soul searching”.

Since I work from the comfort of my own home it’s very easy to find excuses to abandon my goal of fasting for seven days, thus I decided to blog about it. Whether someone reads it or not, the exercise of sitting down and actually keeping an up to date journal of my experiences will allow me to be more disciplined with my objectives.

So what am I trying to achieve anyway?

I believe by removing all distraction from my life and focusing on what it is I want to achieve, placing all my focus on achieving my goals, will allow me to significantly advance my personal and professional objectives. 

In addition, I plan on dedicating roughly 1 hour a day for deep reflection and silent meditation. I do this to connect deep within the core of my being to assist in guiding my actions, stimulating my creativity and merely listening to the soft murmur within my soul.

Over the past month and a half I have maintained a bad habit I have discarded years before. Smoking. Yes, with all the substances I have taken in my life…my only addiction is tobacco. I am no better than the heroin junkie when it comes to smoking cigarettes.

Thus, to once more…leave the habit behind, I will fast to break the addiction as well. I’d like to add that I did not smoke for more than four years prior. I smoke for short periods then stop for years in between. Call them relapses.


My main objectives are:

  1. Break the Tobacco addiction (again)
  2. Implement 2 specific Professional Goals I have planned out within 7 days. (build a store, develop a Digital Product)
  3. Establish a habit of Daily Meditation (30 mins minimal)
  4. Create my own Personalized Affirmation Meditation Audio ( I will create a meditation track with a 5 minute induction script including my affirmations to increase productivity, creativity and so on. I will listen to this daily for the next year and potentially modify it throughout the year to suit my newly aligned goals.)

What I’m fasting will be:

  1. Tobacco (quitting)
  2. Cannabis (no big deal)
  3. Beer (no big deal)
  4. Any form of Gaming (Oh, my deep dark secret)
  5. Junk Food (any form of munchie really)


I’ll be juicing fresh juice every day and do some exercise on the side as well. This will help eliminate toxins and keep my energy high.

Bottom Line

While an aggressive fast like this isn’t for everyone, I think for people who have reached a ‘wall’ in their personal growth or someone who wants to achieve a breakthrough in their lives should really consider it. I will be posting about this every day to keep count on my own progress.

If you decide that maybe right now is a time for a personal breakthrough, join me on my seven day quest and let’s keep each other accountable. Leave your comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out and discuss the experience further.


Tomorrow I start the Journey, at 6:00 AM. I’ll let you guys know what’s up throughout the day.

Happy Traveling, the inner-verse is vast!innerverse


If you want to learn about Transcendental Meditation here’s a great video:

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