Know nothing

Know nothingThroughout my life I have learned many things. I now, am trying to unlearn them them all. Our impressionable minds cling to information, desperately trying to make “sense of it all”. However, if we all were truly honest with ourselves we would realize that in reality, We Know Nothing!

Regardless of your belief system, regardless of your specialized education…you still no absolutely “Fuck All” about life in general. Don’t worry, I’m not excluding myself. To “Know Nothing” is merely a sacred act of honesty and humility. It’s acknowledging that whatever flows out of your mouth could be nothing more than a concrete conclusion you made on a subject premise.

A Path to Humility – Know Nothing

To admit you know nothing doesn’t mean that you “know nothing at all”, it’s merely acknowledging the fact that based on our subjective point of view, to “know” with absolute clarity is next to impossible.

There are “truths” out there, mechanisms, formulas that provide a consistent result within a subjective reality. These are constants and can be discovered and can become “acquired” knowledge. We create these mechanisms to make sense of our world, to create a constant factor that we can rely on in order to plan for our futures and interpret our pasts.

However, we don’t know shit about the universe, our reasons for being, what happens after death to our souls/spirits, the origin of life, the origin of consciousness etc. We are all guessing, no matter how much you study a discipline or a field, you will always only be able to make subjective conclusions about objective life.

What you know is only a portion…therefore you really know nothing except a subjective conclusion on what you “think you know”.

Faulty Premises

faulty premiseWhen people talk to me about creation or evolution, about space and time or about politics and religion I can only wonder as to what makes them so sure that their premise is correct. Every idea requires a premise of existence. If you claim that man came from a supra-dimensional being that created us for a divine purpose or whether you believe that millions of years of rain and electricity sparked life in a primordial soup, how certain can you be in “knowing” that it’s true.

“SCIENCE!” a man exclaims from the back. “That’s how I know!” A vague answer indeed.

Science cannot explain everything. There are holes in theories, discrepancies in findings and the factor of subjective man making these discoveries. Not even these scientists are void of concluding according to their own belief systems. Whenever you believe something to be true, your brain will begin to find supporting clauses to enforce the idea. Even in Science…there are degrees of faith required to justify the findings. If the premise is faulty…then all subsequent conclusions will contain a degree of fault as well.

“FAITH!” another shouts to make a point. “I know because I know!” The answer of the blind.

Some believe that they know what they know because they can “feel it”. They have experienced “truth” and thus it cannot be denied. However, in most cases…while the experience was real, the conclusion was based on an indoctrinated premise. The operating belief system creates an ontology for experience. It categorizes ‘what you feel’ and gives it an identity according to the dogma. In other words, what you call “God” might be something entirely different. There is no doubt that “something” is happening…however, how certain are you that the “something” is what you claim it to be?

No Strings Attached

We are bound by our language, we are bound by our ideas. We can only go as far as we believe we can and not an inch further. Whatever you have concluded in life automatically becomes your reality. In turn, your behavior and decisions will be impacted until the day you die. Your ideas about relationships, emotions, actions and events shape your entire existence. To rid yourself of all paradigm would mean to enter into a stage where reality presents itself “as is” and not as you “believe it to be”. In this state, you have absolute power over the moment and you have the ability to truly make objective decisions within your subjective life.

So what do you believe to be true…and how sure are you that it is?

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