Marijuana Social Media, Mega Pack, Marijuana Social Media Mega Pack

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure to work with many Cannabis brands. Some of my activities involved writing articles and managing Social Media Accounts. Now, after all this time I am going to give away for FREE my entire collection of Memes, Posts and Images that I used during my campaigns. These aren’t all created by me, in fact, most of them aren’t. These are merely images I have collected over the years that helped grow one of the Social Media accounts I ran for a client of mine, from 46K to now hitting 650k followers and growing!

So if You Are Interested in getting THOUSANDS OF CANNABIS RELATED POSTS ranging from medical insights, humor and much more, simply fill out the form and I’ll send you the download link.

In addition, I created a “donation option” for anyone who thought this was valuable to their brand/cannabis company, to buy me a Coffee! It’s not necessary of course, but it is definitely appreciated.

Seattle hosted the HIGHTIMES Magazine’s US Cannabis Cup. The event featured vendors, seminars, smoking, medical marijuana sales and more at Fremont Studios in the Fremont neighborhood. September 8th 2013. (Joshua Lewis / KOMO News)



So How Many Pictures are we Talking about?

Marijuana Social Media Mega PackTo Put it simply, I have collected over the past 4 years, at least 7 pictures a day. So some basic math will give us a ball park figure (since I’m not exactly sure how many there are). Not all the folders will have 7 pictures in them, some of them have way more. Essentially there are about 120 folders with branded and non-branded content. You’ll also find a few Photoshop Templates you can customize. These are designs I did for campaigns and be my guest in using them and customizing them for your own purposes.

The Marijuana Social Media Mega Pack is aimed at providing you years worth of content for absolutely nothing! Think of it as my way of saying “thank you” to all my fellow cannabis activists and those who risked their liberty to legitimize the cannabis industry.

I hope this will give you the tools necessary to help construct an active and engaging social media feed for your business. If there is anything else you need, simply contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help in any way.



So here goes:

4 Years x 365 days = 1460
1460 x 7 Posts/day = 10,220 (at least)


As you can see, you’ll have a ton of pictures to use for your campaigns, social media accounts or to simply just have a staggering amount of cannabis related media for FREE! So don’t wait any longer, just fill out the form and gain instant access to this offer right now!