Jeandre Gerber
Enemy of Democracy

 Marijuana Legalization Derailed?

We find ourselves fresh into 2013 waiting to see what will happen to the marijuana legalization efforts that occurred on November 6th 2012 in the States of Washington and Colorado. If you lived under a rock these past few months, here’s the scoop.

On November 6th 2012 Washington and Colorado both opted in for recreational marijuana. What this means is that anyone 21 and over would be able to purchase marijuana at state sanctioned stores. While the voting happened last year the entire system is being set up. What’s the problem?

While Marijuana is now legal in both of those states the Federal government still considers it a felony offense whether you grow, sell or simply carry it around. While Obama claimed that these states wouldn’t be a top priority for law enforcement, a recent statement by the beloved Drug Czar of Doom however made it clear that DC is not going to allow  legal marijuana to bud without their intervention.

In a recent interview the Drug Czar said: “You’ll continue to see enforcement against distributors and large-scale growers as the Justice Department has outlined. They will use their limited resources on those groups and not on going after individual users…” What this means that anyone who they deem to be a threat to their pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco and timber affiliates…will be busted.

What about hemp?

Hemp is also said to come to America this year, but really…you think it’s going to be that simple? The Government will huff and puff and try to uproot the cannabis, but it’s not going to happen. While there are people fighting the legalization of Marijuana; this includes Obama and his administration for all those people who think Obama is fighting for them, we are growing in numbers.

Last year, 66% of Americans were in favor of full scale legalization. There are already 18 legal medical marijuana states and 2 recreational states which means the illegality of marijuana is soon to be over.

If there is ample evidence to suggest that marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco, why is it that we are still persecuting cannabis? Why despite the fact that the people of Washington and Colorado utilized their democratic right, the government is trying to demotivate them?

People of the World, this is quite an injustice and it is up to us to stand against this tyranny by creating awareness, by supporting Marijuana legalization groups and by standing up for your right. Don’t let those who benefit from Alcohol, Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Timber and so forth tell you what you can do with your body! Take a stand, sign a petition and let’s end this ridiculous war on drugs once and for all.

Last year we legalized in two states…wait for the next wave!

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