Marijuana ApologeticsThanks for subscribing, here you’ll be able to download each new chapter as it comes out. Fortunately for you, I have completed Marijuana Apologetics and every chapter is now available on this page. As mentioned, this book will be available for FREE forever!

In addition, I’m also now working on the PREMIUM VERSION of Marijuana Apologetics which will provide you with links to every reference in the book. The idea of the premium version is to give you a solid base of arguments in favor of cannabis legalization which you can have on your phone. I’m adding in a “Marijuana Apologetics Cheat Sheet” at the end of the book which will consist of a summarized hyperlink section broken down into categories. Now, if anyone ever tells you that smoking marijuana is bad for you, you’ll have evidence, citations and real sources to prove them wrong. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the Premium Edition which will be available on all publishing platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. 

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