Jobless Guide to Money Making, The Jobless Guide, Jeandre GerberI am happy to say that I have finally gone through the entire book and edited it. The Jobless Guide to Money Making is now in the process of getting the images done, I’m making a special video for it and then towards the marketing aspect of the entire ordeal. I am pretty sure I could have written the book much quicker however as all writers know, sometimes procrastination stands in between you and your work.

I must say though, not to toot my own horn, but the book is packed with some seriously awesome things. I divulge how I started working from home, how I grew my income but more importantly I offer the reader several options to go about it.  I’m excited about it coming out soon, by the end of this week we’ll have the cover finished and then it’s on to publishing. Once that is done, I need to find reviews so to all those of you who Follow My Blog, you’ll probably get a weekend where you can download the book for free. It would be great if you drop me a review to help push the book.


Anyhow, this was the Jobless Update and I hope to be releasing the book before the end of the month! After that comes the next book I’m super excited about-ish (gonna be a ton of research) entitled “Marijuana Apologetics” which is a iron clad argument for legalization.


I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress. For now…keep on keeping on!

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