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Field Research in P. Vallarta, Mex

A few years back a friend and I went out for an epic adventure. Our goal was to document everything we saw along the way, document humanity if you will. We had planned this for years and eventually when everything around us pointed towards jetting off into the great blue yonder, we took $200 USD with us, our instruments and got on a bus for Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

We had no plan except a scribbled name and number my sister gave us as a contact prior to stepping on the bus. About 23 hours later we were standing in a hot humid bus stop not knowing what to do. We didn’t know where was north or south, what we were to do next or anything else.

I only provide this as a premise because to the post because throughout this 12 month journey I managed to learn and experience much as well as dig myself into a nice bottomless pit.

Being young and naive we didn’t think about the consequences of spending without having an income and soon bills started piling up. We didn’t have money, means of income and we had no idea on what to do next. Little by little we began taking a long hard look at our lives and realized that we were missing something fundamental; Self-Discovery!

The on-going Process of Self Discovery

While we thought we knew what we wanted we didn’t know what we had to achieve thus said goal. In other words; I wanted to express myself through music, words and art. So did my friend. But without a solid flow of money we would never get there.

It wasn’t until I found myself alone stuck in a bottomless pit of chaos that I started to pull out the “aces” from my pockets. The first was my ability to write; Little did I know that people pay good money for talented writers. I started there, simple and to the point.

When I learned how to talk the industry talk, walk the industry walk I began to expand my services from SEO articles to; Hypnosis scripts, feature films, Press Releases, books and so on.

Once my name started circulating around Freelancer portals I was given the opportunity to write short Marketing Scripts. From Marketing I jumped into Social Media Marketing and now manage a community of over 33,000 loyal fans with 60%-70% engagement.

Finding the bottom to the Bottomless Pitfinding the solution

It wasn’t until Rock bottom that I started to look within to find the answers to my problems. Sometimes you get so lost in the battle that you forget to stop and look at the solution. In most instances, you hold the solution in your bloodied battled hands.

While my adventure was something I’d re-do in a heartbeat, the point is that now I have learned that with my own abilities I am generating sufficient income to maintain this boat afloat. As I continue to develop my skills and talents I am growing in experience and my hourly rate continues to rise.

The Bottomless pit might just the place you need to be to become the person you were always meant to be.

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