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Welcome to the Virtual Representation of the Creative Works of Jeandre Gerber. Explore the Literature, Music and Animation that Jeandre has to offer. Follow his blog where he discusses what’s happening in his life at the moment whether professional, personal or just plane insane. This website contains some of  Jeandre’s portfolio work, links to some of his other websites and much more. In addition links will be provided to his literary works, Free music to download and much more. If you have any questions get in touch with Jeandre Directly!

I have years of professional “on-hands” experience on creating stellar content for the web in terms of SEO, Social Media Management, Marketing and Branding and of course a plethora of Creative Works.

What Can you Expect from

voiceI have divided my website into various different sections. Included on my website you’ll find my “Opinion Blog” that will deal with all aspects of my life. I call this Blog “The Mystic” as is the title of one of my short stories in my book “While Waiting”.

In addition to this I have attached my Portfolio which I’ll update frequently for those interested in my Professional Content Creation and other services.

Finally I also added my Creative Works which essentially deals with the Books I write and Publish, the Music I write and Record and of course the videos I script and produce.bulb

I encourage you all to follow this blog and share it with your friends as I intend to not only display my works and talents, but to learn and obtain valuable feedback that will ultimately shape me into a better person.

Thank you for landing on my site and I encourage you to explore it fully from top to bottom and to get in touch with me if you need someone to help you with your project or to simply discuss the deeper things in life.

Jeandre Gerber

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