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There is no religious justification or any justification at all for this. It doesn’t matter if they are your “enemies”. You simply don’t bury people alive.

If you support Palestine or Israel in this conflict, then you are a moron! I don’t support violence, on either side. I don’t support Nazi like tacticts, or using civilians as shield. I don’t support warmongering, fearmongering and the division caused by religious indoctrination.

It’s time we realize we are not “Jew” or “Muslim”, “Christian” or “Atheist”. We are none of these imaginary things. We are but one thing, humans…from the planet earth.

My home is no country, my home is the world. The only “race” I belong to is the human race and I accept humanity for its differences.

Whatever excuse you may have for “supporting Israel” or “Palestine”. No amount of killing in the name of God is justified.

I say stand up ‪#‎Earthlings‬, accept the differences and realize that you are fighting over imaginary lines set up by political special interest groups and military extremists. Stand up that believing in your god is your right, but that forcing others to do the same is not. Realize that no matter if you are black, white or any other tone, when we bleed…all our blood is red.


#HelloEarthlings will be a new weekly installment where I talk to the rest of my brothers and sisters of planet earth about how to dissolve division causing paradigms that make our world a pool of month old piss to live in.


“I am earthling from the planet Earth….”

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