Jeandre Gerber | People per Hour | Content DeveloperFor many years I was miserable at my “traditional” job. I used to teach English to businesses in Mexico but found my soul slowly decaying every passing day. I’m an artistic mind, a free thinker a stellar Content Developer! I cannot be placed into a small box and expect to be happy.

Some people like this type of work and they enjoy it. I’m not saying it’s bad, it just wasn’t good enough for me. I was miserable in almost any type of regular office job and it wasn’t until I hit a Bottomless Pit that I learned that Freelancing is my way out. PeoplePerHour is one of the freelancer portals I use and let me tell you, the work I have done there has always been unique and interesting.

Every platform has their own unique set of providers and employers. While you still find the typical online jobs for a writer on this platform, they also have more business related articles, scripts and other creative works.

As of now I have never been ripped off, duped or anything from these guys and that’s why I decided to drop this little bombshell of information for my fellow readers. I know you all aren’t writers like me; but this site isn’t just for writing.

Freelancing is the Future

If you’re a business owner or a person looking for a job, the Internet has created a method for us all to get everything done. I have now successfully lived free from a Traditional Job for more than 10 years and even though at time I do get stressed, I have never been happier.

I am the master of my own schedule now and I set my own income. People often ask me whether the lack of “security” doesn’t bother me? I tell them no, because throughout my freelancing career I have never been affected by global economy. The Internet is it’s own economy and if you know how to look for jobs then you should never fear recession. In fact you become recession proof.

I make money from anywhere in the world and apply my unique skills to generate a very decent income. I’m no Bill Gates but I’m not complaining.

PeoplePerHour is definitely a stellar Freelancing platform; and who knows maybe this can free you from the traditional job environment once and for all.

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