One of the multiple hats I wear is being a Social Media Manager for a lot of different brands. One of the brands I help manage is Marijuana Doctors and I am constantly in touch with the Marijuana Issue in the US. With the majority of Americans in favor of legalization there are plenty of hidden side effects of prohibition we are witnessing.  People are getting fired for smoking cannabis and failing drug tests in legal states. What this means is that even though you aren’t breaking the law in anyway, enjoying yourself as you would with a glass of wine, however, this constitutes termination of employment under outdated corporate policies that were placed there through pressure from the Federal government.

It’s time we allow people to exercise their freedom of choice in their homes without persecution. Today on MD FB I will be posting this little cartoon I made. Check it out!

Marijuana Rights, Marijuana persecution, Fired for smoking pot, prohibition, Cannabis, Reefer

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