FastHey Folks,

I have finally made it to the seventh day. It’s not been easy but in the end I have managed to make some significant progress on my projects. There are times that you need to take drastic measures to break down creative walls, find inspiration and sometimes all it takes is abstinence from your security substances.

Now, I didn’t complete all the goals I set forth and that’s okay. I did manage to complete define my digital project as a whole. This week was quite noisy so recording was out of the question, but everything is set.

Now as I reflect on my last few hours I am more motivated than ever before and hopefully this week I’ll be able to finish the lasting parts of my projects. One thing is certain, meditation will become a core part of my day. I feel that helped me more than anything else. It maintained a sense of peace and sparked my desire for meditation again.

Past experience with meditation

There was a time when I meditated daily, for hours at a time. Every time I could enter a deep state of serenity within a matter of minutes. It wasn’t untill I engaged a 2 hour meditation session that I experienced something out of this world. Whether I was accessing an alternate state of spirituality or something else but it freaked me out. It was as if a hand went through my head and into my belly. Once it clenched my center, I was warped into another world. I felt that if I stayed in that state, I would never be the same. Call is paranoia or fear but that experience made me stop mediating for years to come. I sporadically mediated here and there but not daily as before.

After this fast, I decided to start doing my daily mediations once more. Not as extreme as before but I believe 30 minutes a day will suffice to maintain the serenity, increase creativity and help manage stress.

I will do a fast some other time, but for now I will say goodbye to fast and thank you all who read and shared this experience with me.

Happy traveling.

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