I think the ALS #IceBucketChallenge spawns from good intentions however I also think that the issue of water needs to be addressed at the same time. Many people earnestly participate in this challenge and I commend them for their involvement in raising awareness for this disease. Some people however estimate that the total amount of water that has been “wasted” by merely pouring it over people’s heads could be between 15 million liters and 30 million depending on your calculations.

While I know that to get the water to places that actually need it is simply not a viable option, the water could have been used for many other things such as irrigation and so on. And while this challenge is doing good, I am beginning to notice that it could also be a bit of an “Ego Masturbation” for the narcisists of the world. As we know #Selfies are linked to acute narcisism, it some how feels that the Ice Bucket Challenge is going that way quickly.


I’m happy that a few celebs began to address these issues as well and decided to rather Donate to the cause than to splash water on them. I have posted some information on the Water Crisis of the world for those interested on becoming aware of other issues as well. I posted a few videos below to give you alternative challanges that in my opinion simply rocks!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Jeandre Gerber, Bucket or Fuck It

Here’s a Few Links to Look into!



Ice Bucket Challenge and Water


Orlando Jones Ice Bucket Awareness
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcGwCnMN2Bc]


Check out this Radical Twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge, “Trash Bucket Challenge”


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