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The Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber



The Jobless Guide to Money Making is designed to help those who find themselves without a source of income no matter what their age, socio-economic status and qualifications. Just like you, I was without a stable source of income for the longest time. In fact, I was dirt poor for close to a decade. Throughout this time I have worked in many different sectors, experienced different money making models and have learned how to “turn my skills into cash“.

If there is one thing that I understand, it’s that: “Desperate people make desperate decisions” and in turn wreak of “Desperation”. When you are down and out, you make irrational decisions which in many cases help only digging you deeper into the hole. This book takes your situation, skills and knowledge and makes it work in your favor. Not to mention that every method mentioned in this book can be done without investing a single dime of your own money. It teaches you that “YOU” have value and it teaches you how to effectively market it to turn your skills into cash as well.

INCLUDED in this book you’ll obtain highly valued links to several resources that will help you achieve your goals, build a solid income and get you out of the “hole”.

Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber

The Jobless Guide to Money Making knows that people are unique and different and thus focused on several methods of making money both online and offline. More importantly it teaches you how to assess your own personal value, identify market needs and convert skills into cash.

Some of the topics covered in this books deals with:

  • Identifying your current situation
  • Creating a solid achievable plan out of the “hole”
  • Identifying your own value and Market Needs
  • How to start a Home Based business
  • How to Become a profitable Network Marketer
  • How to approach the world of Freelancing online
  • How to make money Blogging, Vlogging, Affiliate Marketing and more
  • Resources at the end of the book to help you with each topic covered

In addition, you’ll find helpful links to FREE sources online that will help you turn your Skills into Cash!

The Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber

Jobless Guide to Money Making, The Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber, Jobless Guide

There are roughly 18 Million People in the US without a Job and many more in the rest of the world. While the rest might have employment, they might not be particularly satisfied with working in a Fast Food joint or a dead end job. When I first started out with this book I was writing it for people like me. People who have been dealt a bad hand, who have been thrown into the deep end, having to fend for themselves. People who have given their lives to corporations and who were simply made redundant or mothers who had to give up their careers for their family. I even wrote this for the student who just graduated coming to a quick realization that all the good jobs are taken.

This book is written for:

  • The Jobless
  • People who want additional income
  • People who want to work from home
  • People who are tired of their current job
  • People too “green’ for a job
  • People too ‘experienced’ for a job
  • Artists who want to live from their art
  • People who can’t do your traditional “nine-to-five”





For those that need to know that it is possible to make money online. Check out some of the numbers and figures I have achieved throughout my online career. I teach you how to achieve these results!

Money 1




Proof 2

Proof 3Proof 4


Jobless Guide, The Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jeandre Gerber, Jobless Guide to Money Making


Being Jobless can be a terrifying experience. I know! I was jobless and an illegal alien in Mexico. You don’t get more screwed than that! But just like me, you can re-define your life, you can take your fate back into your own hands. You don’t have to be defined by your situation. Where you were born, the color of your skin, your age are all irrelevant if you truly decide you “want to get out!”

The Jobless Guide to Money Making gives you the ammunition to change your situation for the better. Stop being a slave to your own circumstances, stop being a slave to your own paradigms. You have the ability to be prosperous, you have the ability to Take Control of Your Life!

Get the Jobless Guide to Money Making and Change your Life for the Better Now!

The Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber



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