Below you can see the books and novels I have Published over the years. I am currently working on a few series’ in both Screenplay format and book format. Be sure to check back here every now and then for updates as my goal is to publish at least 2 books a year. I have so much written material it really comes down to finding time to Edit and the fact that I have a full schedule with my work it isn’t always possible. Nonetheless, here is the list of Books by Jeandre Gerber.

Marijuana Apologetics, Jeandre GerberMARIJUANA APOLOGETICS – This FREE e-book takes on Marijuana Prohibition at its very core by addressing the principle arguments against marijuana legalization, and logically proving the inefficacy and delusional nature of Prohibition. Get your hands on this Free book right now and never lose a debate relating cannabis while obtaining a deep understanding of the applications of marijuana within society. There are few books that so blatantly address the issues considered taboo by many. Get your hands on Marijuana Apologetics right now!





Jobless Guide to Money Making, Jobless Guide, Jeandre Gerber, Freelancing, Networking, Home Based Business, Author, Self Help, Independent workerTHE JOBLESS GUIDE TO MONEY MAKING – Deals with multiple strategies to “Get our of the Hole”. Written from first hand experience on how to climb out of poverty I divulge strategies that I have personally seen work and have helped me make money. From being an illegal alien in Mexico to making enough money to support my family, house and follow my dreams, this book will let you in on the ‘Best kept home money making secrets’. This book is the first in a series of short books that will deal with making money from home. The Jobless Guide teaches you the value of YOU and shows you how you can monetize your own skills! Get it now!






Books of Jeandre Gerber


My Strange Mexican Tale – Is an account about my first Road Trip when I was 18 years old. I had just lost my father to cancer and we were on the chasm of extreme poverty in a strange land. Without legal documents, without money I ventured into the strange land of Oaxaca where I discovered something about myself that would forever change the course of my destiny. This book was published by an independent company and can be purchased or read right now if you have Kindle Prime.






Books of Jeandre Gerber


While Waiting – Deadly Fiction on the Go – This is my first Self publication I attempted. I was working with a publishing company but they were simply taking too long and it dawned on me that I prefer to just get my stories out so that one day I can have a massive collection of stories. Story writing is a passion of mine and I do it for the love of the art. This particular book will eventually be turned into a series since I have so many stories bouncing around in my head. This particular edition contains 10 short stories that deals with life, death and the unexplained. Definitely worth a read in my opinion…then again…I wrote the damn thing!





As I publish more books by myself or via publishing house I will most definitely be posting it here. Even my manuals, manifestos, poetry and so forth will eventually make their way to this page. If you feel like reading one of these books just click on the link or on the picture and you will be taken to Amazon. As mentioned, if you have Prime then you can read them for free.

Happy Reading!